Engage your members and patients at high value moments with personalized content fostering better outcomes


SmartStory's platform has achieved HITRUST r2 Certification

Workflow Engine

Visually build data driven patient journey's and content delivered with integrated omni-channel communications.

Mobile Page Builder

Create mobile web pages quickly with data driven content to create personalized experiences.

Media Library

Host and manage video, images, text, and PDF assets for use across all engagements.

Dashboards & Reporting

Monitor and Report data critical to the success of your solution.

Secure Messaging / Video Chat

Communicate securely via mobile web pages with audit tracking.

Voice of the Patient

Forms, polls, and like mechanisms to collect and respond to user feedback

How to create impactful engagement solutions that deliver real results!

Achieving the best outcome begins with a good understanding of the problem, mapping out a solution and delivering that solution in the shortest amount of time and money.

  • Step 01:Customize the solution to best fit your business

    There are many engagement solutions on the market but in most cases, you're expected to fit your business into what has already been built. At SmartStory, we believe every engagement should be unique to your business and a differentiator where flexibility sets you apart.

  • Our process brings together your business expertise with our ability to turn ideas into meaningful engagements. This starts by collaborating with your team to understand the problem or opportunity, the desired interaction, and the outcomes you're seeking. We then create a design that will achieve objectives.

  • Delivering solutions in the shortest timespan begins with a good design, prototypes that allow you to test the experience prior to the build, and an integrated technology platform that leverages pre-built components for faster delivery.

  • Solutions that deliver quickly with value but weak data security, are not solutions at all. SmartStory solutions are built on a technology framework and process that has achieved HITRUST r2 Certification.


Blog Posts

Explore a fully integrated technology solution that enables organizations to rapidly deliver relevant content to end-users at high-value moments.

About Us

At SmartStory, employees are focused on client needs, solving problems, and accelerating our collective success.


To create better patient experiences and outcomes while reducing the workload for time constrained healthcare workers and personal caregivers.


By delivering personalized content at high value moments we can create engagements that matter at every touchpoint in the patient journey.

Core Values

  • We care deeply about people: Our own people, our partners and patients they serve.
  • Obsessed with delivering solutions to make the patient journey better.
  • Committed to deliver high quality software solutions and outstanding customer service.
  • Quick and nimble to make the best decisions for our clients.

The Team

Experienced professionals passionate to deliver solutions that improve healthcare outcomes.

Paul von Ebers

Chief Executive Officer

Deliver healthcare solutions that drive better outcomes.

Chris Minor

Chief Technology Officer

Software Development, Data Security and HITRUST Certification

Brookann Barkley

Director of Sales and Business Development

Responsible for all business development and sales growth.

Clay Conner

SVP Client Services

Responsible for all client functions from design to build and support.

Jeff Franklin


Security Officer accountable for Risk, Azure Monitoring, Pen Testing

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