SmartStory Solutions

The SmartStory Digital Experience Platform is a versatile integrated package for deploying engagement solutions in multiple industries.

Industry Solutions

SmartStory's Digital Experience Platform is an integrated solutions that allows you to create and deploy engagement solution in less time with lower costs.

Optum Specialty Pharmacy

This specialty pharmacy works with patients and doctor’s offices to fill prescriptions, schedule deliveries, track orders and pay bills online. They send medications directly to patient homes with experienced carriers, if needed with special handling or refrigeration. The company provides knowledgeable assistance, education, and compassion throughout the entire course of treatment. And they chose SmartStory to enhance patient education and engagement. The results were immediately apparent.

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Patient Engagement

Healthcare consumers today are changing and their expectations for convenience, affordability and quality are redefining how they engage at each stage of care. The way you communicate with and engage patients can shape the future of your healthcare business. More patients are demanding mobile engagement in areas of medications, chronic illness management, healthcare services and devices measuring illness/ailments. Deliver personalized messaging and meaningful information to drive patient actions for better care.

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Mobile Engagement In Marketing

A growing gap between the capabilities of traditional multi-channel marketing hubs and the new demands of mobile, has increased cost and complexity by requiring ever more integrations. This has created the need for easier and faster to deploy purpose-built platforms that deliver personalization at scale and at a fraction of the costs and skills required by older pre-mobile hubs.

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Maintaining equipment is an important function for many industries, including transportation, manufacturing, utilities, and agriculture. In many cases, critical maintenance functions such as working on specialized equipment, complex processes or services are performed by specialist firms.

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Sports Marketing

Atlanta area Ford dealers selected SmartStory to drive greater ROI with an existing NFL sponsorship. A 4% incremental spend increased participation by 15% and video engagement produced high click through rates. More than 2k fans viewed Ford vehicle and Falcon players videos and clicked through to a dedicated car shopping site. Sponsorship objectives, from awareness to preference, engagement and direct response were easily exceeded.

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