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See how the SmartStory patient engagement platform has proven its value.

Healthcare Solutions & Case Studies

Reminder Messaging

Simple reminders can be incredibly powerful tools. They can help patients remember to schedule and keep appointments, pick up medications, engage in healthy habits, and more.

And patients appreciate reminders. Research shows that 80-90% of patients have a positive attitude toward reminder messages.

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Patient Assessments

Maximize clinical and operational efficiency by automating the collection of patient data. Transform patient outcomes data into actionable intelligence that enables better care.

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Patient Education

Patient education is key for engagement in pre- and post-care management, chronic disease management, and preventive care access.

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Patient Motivation

Begin with the goal the patients want to achieve, identify small steps toward reaching that goal, give feedback along the journey, and share stories of others who achieved success.

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Optum Specialty Pharmacy

This specialty pharmacy works with patients and doctor’s offices to fill prescriptions, schedule deliveries, track orders and pay bills online. They send medications directly to patient homes with experienced carriers, if needed with special handling or refrigeration. The company provides knowledgeable assistance, education, and compassion throughout the entire course of treatment. And they chose SmartStory to enhance patient education and engagement. The results were immediately apparent.

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Patient Engagement

Healthcare consumers today are changing and their expectations for convenience, affordability and quality are redefining how they engage at each stage of care. The way you communicate with and engage patients can shape the future of your healthcare business. More patients are demanding mobile engagement in areas of medications, chronic illness management, healthcare services and devices measuring illness/ailments. Deliver personalized messaging and meaningful information to drive patient actions for better care.

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